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I know what it's like to have your body aching or throbbing and to not where or how to find relief. I want to help you find a way of offering yourself a truly relaxing experience. Feel free to CALL me with any questions or Availability.

A session usually winds down with lighter, more grounding work and nourishing touch. I conclude the session by wiping you down from head to toe with steamy hot towels to remove any excess oil to prepare you to return to the world outside feeling de-stressed, refreshed and more alive in a body that is ready to serve you at its full potential.

MAn on Man Massage…just the term itself sends little shivers of excitment and anticipation surging through the minds of most men.

When it comes to a full body massage you would be amazed what a little well timed and performed massage can do to increase the pleasure and intimacy between you and your masseur. In fact have you ever stopped to think about how many men have actually been seduced by a good intimate massage?

Why does that approach work so well?

Because One of the secrets to man intimacy is relaxation. In fact its a prime requisite for any man on man action.

If a man is stressed out, tired, or uncomfortable during the treatment, he will never have the opportunity to fully relax.

My job is to make you feel calm with my hands, relaxed ,and cared for, and your chances of experiencing a successful massage treatment

It’s no secret, (at least to men) that most men love to be pampered and an intimate man on man massage is a romantic way to ensure that you will enjoy the most pleasure as much as a sexual encounter.

With light candles, some mood music, and get ready to let my fingers do the talking…

What is a Massage?

During the massage the subject is usually naked, making it easier for the masseur to access all the right areas that will enhance ple as ure.

E r ot ic massage is usually used as a form of fore play to encourage ar ousal. But this form of massage may also be used as a way to help you have an orgasm with or without intercourse.